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Daily Word   John 6:60 & 66 When many of his disciples heard it, they said, "This teaching is difficult; who can accept it?”… Because of this many of his disciples turned back and no longer went about with him.

I was talking with Colter Creswell the other day. Colter made it as a walk on football player last season at UGA. One of their requirements is what are called "Mat Drills." These are a series of extreme exercises done twice a day that are designed to get the players into the best shape possible. They are intense, physically and mentally demanding, and push the body to the limit. As a result, many who initially start out to be a part of the team, drop out. To make it, requires more than loyalty; it requires a deep love of the game. In a similar way, to be a follower of Jesus' teaching can often be spiritually challenging. Loving enemies, being willing to give up everything to follow Jesus, letting go of hurts... these and so many other things Jesus asked us to do are not easy. As a result, not all make it through the "Mat Drills of Discipleship." But for those whose love for Christ is so deep they make it... there is nothing like being a part of the team and playing in the game!

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Sermons in September

September 6: "Do You Like to Eat?" Exodus 12:1-14
No Communion this Sunday due to Labor Day Holiday

September 13: "Pay Me What You Owe"Matthew 18:21-25
Holy Communion this Sunday and Pioneer Club Sunday

September 20: "Transformed Life Part 1"Romans 12:2

September 27:"Transformed Life Part 2" Philippians 3:8, I John 2:5-6, Romans 8:6, Romans 12:2, Matthew 5:8, Luke6:45, Ephesians 4:22-24 and Colossians 3:5-17

Welcome, Misti Hulsey, New Children’s Coordinator at VUMC

Beginning September 1, Misti will begin her duties as our Children’s Coordinator. Please welcome Misti and her husband Anthony (Mayor of Varnell), along with their three boys Zack (16), Ryan(12) and Nathan (4). Misti has 21 years teaching experience in grades K-5. Previously she served as the Children’s Church Coordinator at Ringgold United Methodist Church.

Pioneer Club Starting Up!

Attention all children attending Kindergarten through fifth grade. Pioneer Club begins in two weeks. We are going to have a wonderful year filled with activities, fun, and lessons about God’s love and guidance. Please plan to join us for our kick-off Wednesday, September 2, beginning at 6:30 p.m. for an evening of games and delicious treats.

Also, you will have the opportunity to meet the new Children’s Coordinator, Misti Hulsey. Parents, we need registration sheets on each child who will be attending Pioneer Club this year. If you have more than one child, you may list all of them on the same registration sheet. These sheets will be available in the church lobby today and next Sunday. However, if you prefer, you may register on the night of the kick-off instead.


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Safe Sanctuary Training

If you work with children or youth at VUMC, you are required to be safe sanctuary qualified and recertified every two years. Reverend Becki Jones is coming to lead a Safe Sanctuaries training seminar at Pleasant Grove UMC, Sunday, August 30 from 3 until 5:30 p.m. Please email Reverend Chris Mullis if you plan to attend reverendchrismullis@hotmail.com.

Prime Timers Trip

Calling all those 55 years and older: Join us Thursday, September 24 for dinner at the historic Adairsville Inn. We will meet at 5:30 p.m. at the church. Register by contacting the church office at 706-694-8023 no later than September 13. Bring money for dinner & transportation (suggested amount $20). We will provide transportation for the first 25 folks.

Upgrades to Sound and Media

We are planning to go all digital VUMC. This involves a new soundboard, wireless microphones and other sound system enhancements. We are also planning to replace our current projection system with large TV monitors on each wall in the sanctuary. We estimate the cost for these upgrades to be between $12,000 and $15,000.

With your help these upgrades will be possible. Please make your donations payable to Varnell United Methodist Church, account number #3324 (Capital Reserve Building Improvement). Please make your donation by Sunday, September 6.



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