Grab – Gather – Grow

Community Groups at Varnell UMC
We need to be in community with each other. Jesus saw the need for this, and the early Church began in homes and communities. People need people. We cannot do life alone. We currently have several small groups within our Church and community, from in-home groups to Bible study and prayer groups. Although these groups are very successful, only a small percentage of our congregation attends a small group. God has placed on my heart a strong desire to see to it that every Church attendee and visitor is involved in a community group. At the conclusion of today’s service, you will have an opportunity to find out more about the community groups we offer at VUMC. Please visit one or more of our community group information tables in the lobby.

Why join a VUMC community group?
 Fellowship – caring for one another emotionally, spiritually and physically
 Ministry – taking on a mission project either in the church or in the community
 Worship – praying and possibly even singing together
 Discipleship – studying God’s word and applying it to life together